How we write menus

We plan each menu individually in consultation to provide you with the finest food and personalized service.  Each menu is specially tailored to your specific event, so no two are the same.  All of our ingredients are hand selected and prepared with care, and our culinary repertoire is truly global.  We are happy to make any dish that you desire.


A client of ours came to us with a very special request.  She lives in Maryland now and was marrying a man who grew up near Baltimore, but she herself grew up in Florida.  She wanted the cocktail hour before her wedding reception to exemplify Florida AND Maryland cuisine.  "Florida and Maryland" actually became the overriding theme for her wedding.  As usual, we sourced everything and made each item ourselves (we didn't make our own Berger Cookies though, I think you could go to prison for that in Maryland.)  The conch was hard to track down but we found it, but after having trouble sourcing good smoked bluefish we decided to just smoke it ourselves.  It was a pleasure to make all of these unique foods, and the result was a perfect combination of Maryland and Florida foods for the guests.

Florida meets Maryland Cocktail Hour

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